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04-04-2010, 03:23 PM
Hi Everyone... I have 10 acres in Sonoma County California and after remodeling my home and building my Solar PV system by hand, I'm looking at buying a tractor. It will be for everything from maintenance, landscaping, building projects, gardening and generally moving soil around and shaping the ground for various projects.

I can see the need for light to modest pushing dirt around, cutting and shaping, trenching, drilling holes for various posts etc.

My property is somewhat hilly and can be wet in the winter so 'm sure I need 4WD. I've been looking at the various Kubota B TLB26, and L models both used and new. I'm leaning toward new as a tractor seems like something where the hours are meaningful but it could have been light work or brutal work. I first zeroed in on the the little BX25 in the Kubota catalog. It looks rather small but probably would get the job done except the bucket is 5-6 cubic feet and it says AWD. I doubt I would move lots of dirt but 5-6 cubic feet seems tiny. I'm also wondering how AWD varies from 4WD and what kind of traction does it get on wet grass over dirt?

It doesn't appear they have an auger attachment for it, but is that true? Does anyone know which Kubota ( or other brand ) would be the next step up and roughly the advantages. I've found the comparisons of models confusing and prices are hard to come by for a model with attachments. I would prefer to be knowledgeable before talking to the local dealer on models, performance and price. I've also seen one can buy from a more distant dealer and have it shipped. Any thoughts on whether a new or used makes sense form a price point of view?

Could anyone share with me the price they paid (new or used and year) for a Kubota BX25 with bucket and backhoe. Are there other suppliers of attachments for a BX25 such as an Auger and High weed mower. What would be the next higher upgrade B model for Kubota and the price difference for what advantages. Has anyone bought in the Northbay San Francisco, just the Bay Area or California and have a suggestion on a good dealer?

thanks for any help


04-05-2010, 06:00 AM
Hi Tom. Welcome to Net Tractor Talk.
Congrats on building your solar system by hand. :tiphat: You are in the perfect part of the country to get the most out of a solar system. I hope it works well for you.

All the Kubota TLB's I've seen are so nice. I don't see how you could go wrong.

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Here is a few reviews from Neil's Compact tractor review site. Prices range from 16 to 18k.

Review By : Anonymous on 3/22/2010
Price Paid : $0.00
Years of Use : 2-Years
Implements : Front end loader, 7' rear blade, snow blower, rottor tiller, back hoe
Purchased From : Camrose Dynamic

Strengths Good all around little tractor. Small enough that the wife isn't afraid to use it. Quick attach for the FEL and backhoe are great. Fantastic fuel economy. AWD comes in handy in mud or snow, impossible to get stuck with the FEL and backhoe. Good digging depth on the backhoe and enough power to pick yourself up and move sideways to reposition. No mechanical issues so far.

Weaknesses Leaking front tires. I pulled them off and applied sticky grease around the rims and they still leak. Will have to go to an inner tube. Very tippy with a heavy load on the front. Have to be quick on dropping the bucket or steering into the roll over side and hitting the gas when you start going over. I work with my stabilizer down on the downhill side when working on slopes.

Overall Very impressed with everything. Does a lot more work than I though it ever would. Owned an 863 Bobcat before and traded for the BX25 just for the attachments never thinking the front end wood come close to the work I could do with the Bobcat but it's not bad. Hydrostatic drive is very quick. The backward spin on the rottor tiller works better than anything else I've seen. doesn't push you ahead on the hard stuff. Never thought this tractor would handle a 7' blade but it was all they had and would trade me straight across for a 6'when they got one in. My driveway alone is aver 1/2 mile and the blade works great for leveling or moving snow.
Parts : 10 Performance : 10 Ease of Use : 10 Financing : 10 Reliability : 10 Overall : 10
Review By : Bob W on 3/3/2010
Price Paid : $17,300.00
Years of Use : 30-Days
Implements : backhoe loader
Purchased From : Lulich Impliments

Strengths Bought mine on 12/31/09. Ground is still frozen but have used it to move snow and push stumps into burn pile. Great machine.

Weaknesses None found.

Overall Great

Review By : sarge14072 on 11/20/2009
Price Paid : $16,790.00
Years of Use : 180-Days
Implements : Auger, front loader, bachoe.
Purchased From :

Strengths I have the new BX 25. No more plastic, all metal. The guy complaining about the warranty must have a bad dealer. Read your coverage!! I did not want it either but it is very very compr4ehensive. No pro-rating for replacement. Even if you do something dumb (like I tend to do), it's covered. Machine is small but powerful.

Weaknesses None so far.

Overall Awesome price. Kubota makes it easy offering te 25 with a backhoe and loader, unlike the green guys with build your machine and get a quote. I paid 16790 including an optional Lanpride auger and the aforementioned insurance.
Parts : 9 Performance : 9 Ease of Use : 10 Financing : 10 Reliability : 9 Overall : 9
Review By : Anonymous on 10/29/2009
Price Paid : $16,220.00
Years of Use : 30-Days
Implements : FEL and Backhoe
Purchased From : Ag Equipment

Strengths I really like I really like this tractor. It is perfect for our 3.5 acre place. The tractor seems to be well engineered and has plenty of power for my use.

Weaknesses None so far.

Overall I'm glad I did not buy a larger tractor. This size meets all my needs. I'm looking forward to many years of use. I bought locally and have had a very good buy experience from Ag Equipment in Uvalde, Tx. You can't beat 0% intrest!
Parts : Performance : Ease of Use : Financing : Reliability : Overall : 10
Review By : Mikeydoodle on 9/28/2009
Price Paid : $18,000.00
Years of Use : 30-Days
Implements : Back hoe, Loader
Purchased From : Bobcat Central, Lodi CA

Strengths Compact, great for small places. Easy to operate.

Weaknesses Kubota warrenty is useless, unless you deliver your machine to them. Which is hard to do when it is broke down. I have 31 hours on my machine and it caught on fire. I was using the back hoe so all the stabilizers are down and the bucket is down. Dealer is going to charge me travel time to and from to diagnose and again to and from to go get the parts. Plus labor, the warrenty will cover the parts, thats just great, so out of a $1000 repair bill they will cover $200

Overall When its working it does a good job for its size, I couldnt use anything much bigger.
Parts : 1 Performance : 8 Ease of Use : 10 Financing : 10 Reliability : 5 Overall : 7
Review By : Mark on 8/19/2009
Price Paid : $18,000.00
Years of Use : 30-Days
Implements : FEL, MMM, Bachoe, 3PT Hitch
Purchased From : Whites Farm Supply

Strengths Excellent tractor for the size. Easy to move in and out of small areas. Strength of tractor is great from Loader all the way to the backhoe. The 60" Mid Mount Mower cuts like a dream. Many additional possibilities.

Weaknesses Grass clippings and dust tend to gather in the radiator screens which can cause overheating. Easily taken care of by cleaning screens and radiator periodically with compressed air gun. Is worse in dry, dusty conditions.

Overall Love this tractor. Offers me all the possibilities I need in one machine.
Parts : Performance : 10 Ease of Use : 10 Financing : 10 Reliability : 10 Overall : 10

Review By : Greg on 5/27/2009
Price Paid : $16,000.00
Years of Use : 30-Days
Implements : FEL, Backhoe,3point
Purchased From : J&L Yelm Wa

Strengths Just bought Yesterday very pleased with how this tractor is very easy to operate. Has plenty of power for the size ran it for 4.5 hours fisrt day and only used 3 gallons of fuel, even the wife and daughter got into the act of having fun digging up rocks and moving around.

Weaknesses Seems to bog down a bit when FEL is full and climbing a slight grade.

Overall To new to tractor world to really know how to rate other than ease of use and plenty of power. so far I would highly suggest this tractor for the person with 5 acres or less. if your looking to do a lot of power work go with bigger tractor, for light work that you have patients to work on then this is for you.
Parts : Performance : Ease of Use : Financing : Reliability : Overall : 10
Review By : J.Donahue on 5/5/2009
Price Paid : $16,300.00
Years of Use : 30-Days
Implements : FEL and Backhoe and 3pt hitch
Purchased From : Bently Bros. Albion NY

Strengths Great power for it's size. Quality machine from FEL to Hoe. One machine that can do anything you can think of. Very good fuel economy, half gallon fuel for an hours work. Easy to learn and operate. Dug out a 20 inch maple stump.

Weaknesses Non so far... really don't like the swiveling seat when you want to use the backhoe.. but all sub compacts seem to be of that design.

Overall Just bought it 2 weeks ago... have 20 hours on it now and have had a blast. I researched for six weeks before picking the Kubota. In my opinion it has the competition beat hands down. I didn't know if it was to small and contimplated getting a bigger machine but after using it I think you would have to get a much bigger machine to see any change in proformance. That would be a significant increase in purchase price.
Parts : 10 Performance : 10 Ease of Use : 10 Financing : 10 Reliability : 10 Overall : 10
Review By : Termite11 on 2/28/2009
Price Paid : $17,000.00
Years of Use : 180-Days
Implements :
Purchased From : LOcal Dealership

Strengths ll

Weaknesses I believe in the quality of the equipment (BX-25), however, I believe I just ended up with a Lemon! Initially I ended up with engine problems within the 1st 30 days of ownership, and now it is in the shop due to a gear in the transmission going through the transmission housing. A pin in the differential lock failed, then the remaining three snapped and lammed into the transmission gears causing one gear to break.

Overall Kubota takes no ownership in their equipment! They leave it all up to the Dealer to work through. It is under Warranty, but who wants equipment you have to worry about what will break next!
Parts : 9 Performance : 10 Ease of Use : Financing : 10 Reliability : 5 Overall : 4
Review By : A. Stanton on 11/27/2008
Price Paid : $0.00
Years of Use : 30-Days
Implements : Fel,Back hoe, 3-point hitch, rear blade
Purchased From : Kahn Tractor, Franklin CT

Strengths Quality, compactness, flexibility, dealor support.

Weaknesses Size and manner of hour meter (tough for old eyes to read--common problem on most tractors) Would like to see some on-board compartment to carry tools/do dad's.

Overall Overall, I would say this tractor is the bomb. I'm new to tractors, as my first tractor was a used BX 23 that I purchased this summer and traded in for the BX 25. The 23's hydro stick was a pain in the butt to read--with the back hoe in the way. The fill cap was in the same area and a pain. The 23's back hoe looked like a pain to drop; the 25's comes off easier than my Fisher minute-mount plow and the hydro stick/fill cap are very accessible.
Parts : 10 Performance : 10 Ease of Use : 10 Financing : Reliability : 10 Overall : 10


Hope this helps!