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05-04-2011, 07:28 AM
Talk about getting the shaft, and not the propeller shaft! Last week I checked the King Kutter web site for local dealers because I was looking specifically for a 48 Brush Hog and a local reputable tractor Company here in NH was listed as a close dealer. Calling that number I instead reached a small used tractor equipment dealer in Londonderry NH who had their old telephone number. Inquiring about the KK brand, he went out to his lot he stated that he had a new 4 ft KK that he would sell me for $750.00. This sounded like what I was looking for. I decided to load the trailer and make the 50 mile pilgrimage in the pouring rain to check this out. On arrival, we went out to his yard (literally more like a junk yard) where he showed me a KK that had been sitting there for a lengthy period of time, there was rust on it and it was covered with leaves, however, it also had all the mounting hardware, prop shaft ect. wired to the body for assembly and the fluid @ oil and grease had never been added because of shipping, I figured it being Old/new it was probably still a good price and paid him cash for it. We loaded it on the trailer with his tractor in the rain storm and I went home.
On arrival at home I pulled a manual as well as a cut sheet from the Mfgr. Website and checked the model number with those on the chassis of the mower. Well! right on the tag it said 40 inch rotary cutter as well as the model number that matched to a 40 and not a 48 on the web site. I was upset for not checking the numbers before hand. Being a trusting person I took this person at his word. I immediately called him and he told me that he had measured it and it was 48. I measured it and found that side to side of the chassis and informed him that it was 441/4.
Over the course of the week, I called him a couple of times and suggested that I bring it back and look at two others he had. He was adamant that a 40 rotary cutter was considered a 4 footer. I begged to differ and called King Kutter Co. who confirmed what I knew to be true. They advised me that if the unit had sat around without fluids as this one, as well as the others the guy wanted me to look at, then there was a good chance of dried out seals and bearings.
I was pretty sure that I was going to just return this and buy new from a reputable dealer. I returned to his yard this past week, and prior to unloading my trailer he showed me the two other cutters of different make. They, being in the same condition as the one I had purchased were of no interest to me. I told the man I was dealing with, that I was instead going to buy a new one someplace else. He was again defensive, and stated that the one he had sold me was a 4 foot cutter. Here is the real kicker; he told me he was going to charge me $100.00 for his time and handling. Arguing about this ( while knowing I still had to get the unit off my trailer) I reluctantly negotiated him to $50.00 and left. This person evidently has no idea what this act will cost him. Yes, I should have more careful, even in the torrential rain and resolved it then. Lesson Learned!
I called the reputable company,(MB Tractor) and advised them of the use of their old #. The manager looked at the Dealer search and said that the listing had an (&) sign between the name. They knew exactly of the situation but advised they could not do anything about it. I called King Kutter and also advised them they still had the number of a non dealer that could be costing them sales. I am awaiting a call from thier management.
I could have done different yes; shame on me. But now shame on them!!!

05-04-2011, 09:43 AM
First, welcome to the forum!

What a mess... I hate dealing with people like that.

05-04-2011, 11:43 AM
Thank You!
Yes people should learn who their customers are and realize that is why they are in Bizz!!!