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Uncle Levi
06-13-2011, 08:08 PM
The owner's manual for my JD 2020 says the hydraulic system uses JD 303 hydraulic fluid or equivalent. I use ISO 32 in the dual 320 loader. Can I use that in the main hydraulic system in the tractor also ? Thanks, Mike

06-14-2011, 11:08 AM
I've been using super UDT which is Kubota's synthetic hydro oil. I'm sold on synthetic and will use it whenever I can.
Here is a sheet I found a while back that gives a good explanation of the different hydro oils:

 R&O – Stand for Rust & Oxidation; also contains AntiFoam additives.
 R&O is approximately a 10 weight oil with the additives
 Suitable for use in applications where a premium R&O product is not
► AW – Stand for Anti-Wear; also protects against Rust & Oxidation, and
contains AntiFoam additives.
 AW32 is approximately a 10 weight oil with the additives
 AW46 is approximately a 15 weight oil with the additives
 AW68 is approximately a 20 weight oil with the additives
 AW –provides many of the advantages of premium hydraulic oil at
a moderate price. Suitable for use in applications where a Premium AW
product is not required.
All are blended with highly refined naphthenic/paraffinic base oils.
 Q) What is the difference between AW32, AW46, and AW68 Hydraulic Oils?
 A) The weights (10, 15 & 20) Sometimes called (ISO32, ISO46, ISO68)
 Q) What is the difference between Premium AW32 and Quality AW32?
 A) Quality AW32 is approximately a 1500-hour oil, whereas, Premium
AW32 has increased oxidation stabilizers making it approximately a 5000-
hour oil.
 TRACTOR HDYRAULIC 303 – Gives excellent results in the areas of brake
squawk, PTO clutch performance, rust protection, water sensitivity, extreme
pressure/anti-wear properties and foam suppression.
 Blended from quality virgin base oils, w/high-performance
 Approximately a 20 weight with the additives
 Sometimes called ‘303’.
 Suitable for older tractors, or where a ‘price’ fluid is desired.
 Recommended as a replacement for the following manufacturers
where a tractor hydraulic fluid is recommended:
► Allis Chalmers J.I Case/David
► Ford Tractor Oliver
► International Harvester Allison
► John Deere 303 Caterpillar
► White Deutz
► Massey Ferguson
 PREMIUM TRACTOR FLUID – Gives excellent results in the areas of
transmission lubrication, differential and final drive gears. Serves as a
hydraulic medium, power steering fluid, power brake and power take-off fluid
in farm tractors.
 Blended from highly refined base oils, w/superior additives.
 Approximately a 10W-20 weight with the additives
 Sometimes called ‘J20C’.
 Recommended for most newer tractors, however can be used for
older models; also safe to use - if unsure which fluid to use. Meets the
requirements of the following manufacturers’ specified products:
► Allis Chalmers PF-821 XL Caterpillar TO2
► Sunstrand HMS-103 Oliver Type 55
► IH Hy-Tran, Spec. B-6 Vickers
► Allison C-3, C4 Kubota UDT
► Deutz HTF PF821XL White Q1722, Q1826
► Versatile Gear/Hyd. Trans. Fluid Steiger Hydraulic Trans. Fluid
► Ford Tractor M2C14B, M2C48B, M2C134B, M2C134C, M2C134D, M2C159B1, M2C159B2
► J.I Case/David Brown J1C-143, 144, 145, 185, MS-1204
► Massey Ferguson M-1110, M-1127A, M-1127-B, M1129-A, (Permatran II), M-1141 (Permatran
► IJIoIh)n Deere J20C, Quatrol, J20A (Hygrad 303), J14B, J14C, J21A, 303
 Q) What is the difference between 303 Tractor Fluid and Premium Tractor Fluid?
ƒ A: The 303 Tractor Fluid is for older tractors, out of warranty, or where
the owner wants a lower cost tractor fluid. The Premium Tractor Fluid
meets the more recent requirements of tractor manufacturers.
 Note: Premium Tractor Fluid can be used in older tractors, but, the 303 Tractor
Fluids should not be used in newer tractors, as it may void warranty.
 Q) What is the difference between the names: Hydraulic Oil and Hydraulic Fluid?
ƒ A: No difference – just terminology.
ƒ Hydraulic Fluids work on straight hydraulic systems, such as:
Backhoes, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic vane & gear pumps, and
hydraulic reservoirs.
ƒ Tractor Fluids function as: a transmission fluid, wet brake fluid,
power steering fluid, and, hydraulic oil for the power take off.

06-17-2011, 07:39 AM
Most of those JD's run their brakes in hyd. fluid and they need lubricant. Hyguard is supposed to have it so thats all I run in mine. That's the only oil they've ever had and still have the original brakes.