View Full Version : 5400 pto scream

03-11-2012, 07:34 PM
Pto is working on my 5400, but it is screaming at a high pitch tone (sounds like a bearing). Tractor shifts fine on all normal gears and pto engages and disengages fine, fluid is clean and at proper levels. The factor that may help narrow the problem down is when the pto was shut off and we were actually disengaging the implement off the pto shaft (so the shaft was not still turning), whatever was still turning in the tractor's transmission after the tractor was shut off, still had the squeal noise, just not at the higher rpm tone. This does not happen when tractor is shut off and pto was not used. Another problem that may or may not be related is I can't get it out of 4 wheel drive either. Any clues on what needs replaced? Also any cost estimates would be nice to know, although most likely very depressing as I am guessing it will need to be split.

03-12-2012, 09:10 PM
Sounds like the throw-out bearing is going bad. Usually clutch is checked and makes sense to replace at same time if worn. That has no relation to the mfwd. Have you tried backing up some while trying to disengage it? The driveline gets bound up when in four wheel drive and backing up helps to free it up. If backing up doesn't help, something may be broken in mfwd unit. It is easier to repair than the clutch. The mfwd unit drops off bottom of transmission with 4 bolts. The cost of replacing the throw-out bearing can vary alot depending on what else needs to be done while tractor is split and depends on hourly rate of the shop you use. If you have the ability to repair yourself, the parts arent terribly expensive for this model, at least when compared to others. Complete clutch assembly, both throw-out bearings, and pilot bearing is around $1300.00. Expect to pay around 10 hours labor, could be more or less depending on how tractor is equipped.