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03-20-2013, 03:07 PM
Hi - I have a small dairy farm and currently have three tractors, all John Deere - 2006 5520, 1970 something 4230 and a 1998 5210.

The 5520 has a loader and is our main tractor for moving and hauling round bales, and most general work. It just doesn't seem up to the job, and we have had constant problems. I think we need something a bit beefier, with some more power.

One option is to trade this machine in, the other is to keep it and look for something else older and cheaper to supplement.

If trading in, I need a loader, cab, 4WD. Can't spend the money on a new tractor. Would like to keep it in the 20k-25k range at most after a trade in (have been quoted as much as 24k on the 5520 by a dealer).

If I kept the 5520, would be looking for something with 4WD, loader, but cab not necessary in the 15k area. I had been looking at older JD 2955, but have read some bad things about them...


03-20-2013, 05:17 PM
Welcome to forum. I'm not real familiar with tractors of that size, mines a compact tractor. Hopefully someone will come along soon that knows more than I do.

03-20-2013, 05:32 PM
Hi CCF. Welcome to net tractor talk.
I've heard some of the bigger stuff is cheaper than the compacts but I have not shopped them. I like your option one best as I've heard others with cabs and the works would not have it any other way. urednecku is a member with a bigger Kubota hopefully he and others with the big iron will be along soon.
Good luck Tractor Shopping.

03-21-2013, 12:11 AM
Howdy & welcome to the forum. I have a Kubota M7040 open cab, 4wd w/FEL. Rated ~67 to 70 hp, depending on who ya ask or where ya see the stats. About 6 yrs ago I pd a little over 32k delivered to me. I have ~800 hours on her now, with no troubles to speak of. Some of those hours were easy, some of 'em were hard work, more than what I should have ask outta her, but still no problems, at least so far.
For the last year, most of the use has been in the hay business. I doesn't have any trouble lifting a 5X5 round bale, probable avg about 1,000#, maybe a little more. It pulls the baler making those bales, and does a good job. BUT, I wouldn't want any smaller tractor.
Looking @ TractorHouse (http://www.tractorhouse.com/list/list.aspx?bcatid=464&DidSearch=1&EID=1&LP=TH&scf=true&scfchange=yes&pc=33825&ListCurrency=USD&ETID=1&Manu=KUBOTA&Mdltxt=M7040&mdlx=Exact&DisplayExtraTHOSpecs=1&SO=2&btnSearch=Search), I see this model from 15 to $35k, cabs of course on the higher end.
As for what the best one to replace or buddy up with your 5520, I wouldn't really know what to tell ya, except I feel local dealer support should be an important part of the decision. Even the best machinery will occasionally need service and/or parts, and unless you are a good mechanic and have a good, fast source of parts, a sorry dealer could make life miserable.
All that said, keep your eyes open, talk to everybody you can. (you never know who has or knows some body that has a tractor for sale that would work good for ya.)
Maybe try Craigs List, (I personally search CL using SearchTempest.)

Good hunting, and keep us informed!

03-23-2013, 11:30 AM
Thanks for the thoughts! I have definitely been considering a Kubota. I have heard good things, and they generally seem to be cheaper than an equivalent Deere.

urednekcu - The tractor you have seems pretty comparable to the 5520 I have. I might just have bad luck/a bad machine and the size is fine. The safe thing would be to step up. I have blown the PTO clutch twice using it on our mixer wagon, and bought the 4320 to run on that...