View Full Version : Time for an upgrade

06-23-2013, 07:39 AM
Afternoon all, long time no see!

I'm needing a new tractor for topping and general grounds care type work. Replacing a Deere 1640 that is great and has done me very well but it becoming a little long in the tooth and has oil retention issues! (It has now twice lost all of its hydraulic oil on the road!)

Looking for something ideally 60-80HP, must have cab, almost certainly air con. I really want 40kph gearbox. Small as possible, but needs to be a full size tractor (ie, couple ton lift on the back, decent size cab, bit of weight to it etc).

I've set my budget ideally at 15k inc tax (though I'm starting to see that might be a little light). However if I can stay within that I can keep my current tractor too.

Tried a Kubota M6040, and its very nice, but only 3 years old and 500 hours I cant afford it (24k inc tax). Love the size and the cab (but who put the linkage controls down the side of the seat?!)

Would like to stay sub 5000 hours and less than 10 years old.

Any tractors to recommend or avoid?

I'm not finding much that fits my needs at the moment, either too big or too expensive!