View Full Version : Looking for 3pt for 4994 CIH

10-04-2009, 10:45 PM
Dad bought a CIH 4994 at an auction recently. It looks like it will work good for our tile plow. However, somewhere along the line, somebody cut the 3 point hitch off. There were only 224 of these made, so not surprising that none of the salvagae yards we have contacted have one available. Does anybody know where there is one available? How about one off a 4894 that we could modify to fit?


10-07-2009, 09:57 PM
I pulled up a parts book for the 4994, and took a look. There are three pages of parts for the three-point hitch. The dealership I am working at has parts books online, at www.kanequip.com (http://www.kanequip.com). The same parts book is available at the CaseIH website, www.caseih.com (http://www.caseih.com). Once you figure out what parts you do or don't have, I would be happy to help you locate new ones, or I can give you a list of salvage yards to try, as can your local dealer. It will no doubt be difficult to find a 4994 in a salvage yaard, given they made so few of them.

Good luck with your search, and welcome to NTT!