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12-09-2007, 06:17 PM
It was cold, windy, and raining yesterday. A PERFECT day to go to an auction. :thumb: :umbrella:

I went to an estate sale 15 miles west of here. Apparently the rest of the crown kept their hands in their pockets. I ended up with everything I bid on:pat:

First to go was a Massey Ferguson #33 grain drill. 13 hole X 7" spacing, small seed box, fertilizer box never used, trip lift, like new condition. I didn't need it, just bought it because it was so nice and it sold cheap. 20 minutes after it sold, someone came up to me and offered $125 more than I paid. :eek2: He now owns a grain drill!

Next was a Ford 309 2-row corn planter. Extra set of openers, no rust in fertilizer box, excellent shape. My son-in-law wants it. :nocomment:

Next, an EZ Trail 165 bu gravity box on Kory 8 ton gear. I got the box sold and I'll make a hay wagon out of the gear.

Finally, the nicest Massey Ferguson #12 baler I've seen in ages. Low bale count, very good shape. My Deere 336 is getting long in the tooth. If the Massey baler is as good as it looks, the Deere will go away next summer.:waiting:

It's rained almost constantly since the sale started yesterday. I'll take the son-in-law with me tomorrow. We'll put the planter in his truck, hook the gravity wagon to his bumper and I'll pull the baler home. Drill left yesterday.

12-20-2007, 12:13 PM
Your experience is similar to mine - raining & cold auctions = reasonable to low prices.

Congratulations on your finds!