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willflemingnj 08-29-2019 10:42 AM

Removing Crankcase Cover
Hello Everyone, I'm trying to get the crank case cover off my 1100, I have all the bolts off but I cant get the thing out, does anyone have any pointers or tricks, it wiggles a little but that's about it. It's on pretty good

bordercollie 08-29-2019 01:17 PM

Hi, I thankfully, have never had to do that job. If it were me, I'd go to the Messicks equipment site and look at the parts diagram for it. You will need to sign in with an email address but there's no catch- just a requirement to view the diagrams. There may be some line up "pins" but that's just a thought .

willflemingnj 08-29-2019 01:26 PM

I have both the parts and shop manual , the shop manual doesn't ell you much,
I took all the bolts and plugs out but only have movement on one side, it's driving me crazy, I figure i'll jump back on it tomorrow after taking a day to rest from it and if I can't get it off I'll tow it up to the Kubota dealer in stroudsburg.
It's one of those jobs I wish I never started :)

aurthuritis 08-29-2019 01:43 PM

i don't think there is room to remove the oil pan while the engine is still in the machine, there is an oil pick up tube and oil pump that sit lower than the flange. as a last resort you might be able to take the motor mounts loose and raise the engine and transmission enough to wiggle it out. but i doubt it.

willflemingnj 08-29-2019 02:23 PM

The oil pan comes out pretty easy I replaced the gasket in it last summer, do you think i would have better access to the crank case cover at the bottom if i remove the oil pan

aurthuritis 08-29-2019 04:57 PM

i am sorry. i thought you were asking about the oil pan. i am unsure what the crank case cover is???

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