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100 Watt 07-03-2015 06:00 PM

looking at a 4110
Found a 2004, 4110 with FEL, 4x4. Less than 400 hours. Looks nice and runs great. R4 tires are like new. Faded paint (of course). Only issue I see is the hand throttle is inoperable. You have to use the foot throttle. I'm sure I can handle that fix. Probably a frozen cable from sitting outside. 10K will take it home. Just trying to get some opinions. I don't farm, just put around. A couple acres to brush hog and 10 acres of woods to maintain. Light use for sure. My current tractor is an old (early 90's)MF1250 with FEL. It's tired and I'm tired of putting more $ in it. Just looking for a reason to NOT go back Monday and pay the man.

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