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W1EBB 07-20-2015 08:07 PM

TC35 water pump/fan blade
Hi all! I'm a new member and this is my first post. I own a 2003 New Holland TC35 and just recently had to replace the water pump. I thought about an electric water pump but decided against it because I didn't want to go to the effort of finding one that fit. But now I am thinking about an electric cooling fan to replace the water pump driven fan. My idea behind this is because only the bearing failed and not the seal on the w/p. On cars and trucks, using an electric fan increases HP output by 10 - 20 HP. Would it be worthwhile on a 35 HP tractor? If I had not caught the failing water pump in time and it had trashed the fan blade, I would have already done it. Opinions? Ideas? Thanks guys, this is a great net!

bordercollie 07-20-2015 09:30 PM

W1EBB, I put an aftermarket radiator cooling fan on my 2005 RTV years ago (sold it in 2011 when I bought this 2011 900xt. It worked flawlessly and better than an oem and way way cheaper. I have a thread with pictures on the Flex a lite fan I used. I'll try to find that thread. A++ fan and My bota was even featured in one of their sales catalogs and ha I got a tee shirt and banner.
edit: I bumped that thread on the RTV forum but here is a link. bordercollie

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