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DeereOrange 09-22-2015 05:01 AM

6300 PTO spins but not under load, sitting, pressures good
I have a 6300, (that was sitting for a few months at slight uphill angle if that matters) whose PTO seems to engage when nothing is connected to it and tries to engage (you can see the implement shaft try to move slightly) but ends up with no pto engagement under load,all electrical passed tests, has a new soloniod, brake pressure is good at 175,clutch pressure drops to 25 after engagement and then to zero, system pressure also drops after engaged. I am putting this out there because a good friend is a recently retired JD master tech who is befuddled at this.

jdgreen 09-26-2015 09:07 PM

It sounds like you have a leak in the pto clutch circuit. Could be blown orings or gasket at pto valve or blown seals in pto clutch piston or clutch drum.

Randy Scott 10-04-2015 08:35 AM

My JD 6400 had the same problem. The PTO is a flip over type, 540/1000. The teeth on the inside of the pto hole were worn off. Cost about 3000 dollars for the new and improved JD part. I asked about a recall and was told, NO. I also wrote a bitch letter to JD because all I ever did was run an old square baler.

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