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desertsam 09-01-2008 08:53 PM

Looking at a 4025 Mahindra
Hello tractor folks,
I am looking at a 4025 Mahindra with a loader to use on my 7 acre part pasture/part woods property. Fairly flat land with no unusual conditions. I am moving to this MO property in the spring. I also have 5 acres about 40 miles away to mow and a little work in the woods. I sold my 2N that I used on my AZ property ( wish I hadn't done that ) and am a little aprehensive of the 4025. Everyone tells me to get a four wheel drive, however I have not been impressed with four wheel drive compacts. They are too light weight and I feel I would do better with the extra weight of the 4025 and 2 wheel drive. The 4025 and the 2816 are about the top of my price range. Any advise as to the perfect tractor. A Bush Hog, loader, box blade and landscape rake are the likely implements.

Spiffy1 09-01-2008 10:54 PM

Flat area and you're used to a 2N. I'm a bit old school in tractors, but it looks like your logic in putting the money into a bigger machine rather than 4WD makes sense to me.

For misc projects, my "go-to" machine is a PT2445, which is intrinsically 4wheel drive - however misc projects are perhaps PT's greatest strenth.

Doc 09-02-2008 06:01 AM

Hi DessertSam! Welcome to Net Tractor Talk.
You logic is sound. If the 2N did all that you expected of it and you want the replacement to do the same type of work then it sounds as if you can save a few dollars by sticking with 2wd. I had an 8N with AG tires. Cool little tractor, but with my hills it was obvious I needed 4wd. Like you, I'm sorry I sold the 8N, but it was necessary so I could buy the replacement tractor.
I've heard good stuff about the Mahindra's but never got to know one up close and personal. Don't forget the dealer you choose is also important. You want to be sure he'll be around and able to provide quality service if you need it.

Enjoy and post often. :thumb:

jwstewar 09-02-2008 06:51 AM

Welcome to the site Sam, enjoy and post often.

My only concern with the 2wd would be the loader. Yes we are talking a utility tractor but still only 4100 lbs. Stick the loader out on the front and it will require loading the tires and a large counter weight of some type. Not saying it won't work, but just may not do all that is expected or as easily.

Spiffy1 09-02-2008 09:31 AM


Originally Posted by jwstewar (Post 15199)
Welcome to the site Sam, enjoy and post often.

My only concern with the 2wd would be the loader. Yes we are talking a utility tractor but still only 4100 lbs. Stick the loader out on the front and it will require loading the tires and a large counter weight of some type. Not saying it won't work, but just may not do all that is expected or as easily.

The weight is the very reason I liked the idea of putting the same money to more tractor than 4WD in this case. No idea how the Mahindra balances or handles, but with the loader their website recommends [and I'm thinking should be regulated back just a bit, unless the distance @ pins rating is messing with me] would be putting plenty of weight on that front end regardless of 4 or 2WD (worst case I'd rather break the front end on 2 than 4: $$$). I'd agree a carryall with weights or something instead of or in addition to tire loading would be certainly in order.

There are times on ice or mud, if I'm doing loader work with a 2WD I wish for 4WD; and a full day of loader work over short distances can make shifting get old (that one really makes my wife appreciate the PT sometimes), else 2WD has treated me well.

I have to wonder how the weight and balance of that Mahindra compare to the 2or8or9N.

desertsam 09-02-2008 10:41 AM

looking at 4025 mahindra
Thanks for you replys. More to think about. I haven't used a tractor in snow for 50 yrs and when I relocate to MO I will be occasionally, or maybe just wait it out in the house in front of the fire :letitsnow:

Erik 09-04-2008 08:25 AM

whereabouts in Mo are you locating to?

desertsam 09-04-2008 09:02 AM

looking at 4025 Mahindra
We have some property in Mountain Grove and some is Seymour that I have to care for, but our home will be in Mountain Grove.

JDtoys 09-06-2008 10:10 AM

The 4025 is a good tractor. It has given us good service, other than some minor elec. issues eg. fuel gauge, glow plug relay. However you are not comparing apples and apples when you look at the 4025 and the 2816. Biggest differences being weight and HP. The 2816 does not have but 21 PTO hp. which limits you to about a 4 or 5 ft bush hog, depending on brand and gear boxes. The 4025 has been one of my more popular tractors for hay farming and light grade work. On any 2wd tractor wether it is Mahindra, or any other manufacturer if you are going to do a lot of loader work it is very hard on those front ends. What are you gonna do with the tractor and when you get up in the morning what do you expect to get out of the tractor. Let me know and I will try to help put you in the right peice of equipment.

desertsam 09-06-2008 11:13 AM

Thanks JDToys
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Thank you JDToys for your help. Let me explain my property and what I "think" I will be doing. First of all I have 3 horses ( one QH, two ponies) that will be on the pasture grass as much as possible. I have 4 acres of pasture, three acres of woods and 1 acre of yard. At another location 40 miles away I have two acres of open grass area and 3 acres of woods. The land is at most slightly rolling so hills are not a concern. I will be using the tractor to maintain stalls and pen areas, finish mowing around barn, house. Bush hog in the pasture and cleaning up the wooded areas. Just clean up, no logging. So, I figure the tractor must 1) be easily trailerable 2) be manuverable 3) be able to handle a 5 ft. bush hog, rack, finish mower, occasional discing and of course be able to do some light loader work. I do have one small pond to put in.
I have been using a 2N ( which I sold to avoid a $2000 trip hauling it to MO) for my horse property in AZ but that does not intail mowing since we feed hay yr around. I recently rented a New Holland to do some loader work and I was really unimpressed with the four wheel drive. When using the loader I either had the wheels in the air or all the wheels were spinning because the tractor was too light. around the pens it was great. I don't want to get in a position of either too small or too big. My son has a 35 hp Branson and my brother has a 2816 Mahindra. Both tractors seem to do the job however, the 2816 does get bogged down in the grass using a 5 ft. cutter. Both my son and my brother are using their tractors on similar property as mine and in like conditions. Sorry this is so long but I thought the more details I give the more good info I will have.

urednecku 09-06-2008 09:26 PM

About a year ago I looked at the Mahindra @ a local, fairly new, dealer. The tractor looked OK, but when I talked to a man driving one local, found out their service dept was lacking. So I purchased a new Kubota M7040, 4wd with FEL. I live in central Florida on 80 acres that are pretty flat, about like "out your kitchen window." There have been several times I would have had to dump at least part of my load if I had 2wd, because the rear wheels were so light there was no traction. The rear tires are full of water, and I did have an implement on the rear. Remember that he more weight on the loader, the less traction on the rear, where all your stopping power, and control, is. I firmly believe that if you have a front end loader, you will be glad you have 4WD.
I would suggest you try one, if possible, before you buy. Try a heavy load on the loader in 2wd, hopefully you can simulate any terrain you might encounter.

Good luck, & keep us informed!

Erik 09-07-2008 11:49 AM

you might take a look at the Mahindra 2810, as it's got a bit more weight than the 2816 if i remember correctly. and the 4110 is an all around good machine, but probably bigger/more expensive than what you're looking for.
My Century is the same as your son's Branson 3510, and I've been pretty impressed with what all it will do. I use the box blade and some concrete weights for counterbalance instead of having filled tires, because i have a lot of honey locust on the property and replacins the fluid would get expensive.
IMHO the 2816 would be perfect for cleaning out paddocks and stalls, but would be seriously lacking for everything else you want to do.
(I also agree that the NH Boomers are pretty light)
Something else to look at would be the Challengers from Caterpillar and the Massey Ferguson 15 series tractors. (both AgCo machines)

Higginsville (exit 50 on I-70 in Mo, where hwy 13 and I-70 cross) used to have a pretty fair sized Mahindra dealership, (next to Kleinschmidt's boot store) but I haven't been by it in a year or so, so they might not be there any more - although they have a sister location just South of Olathe.

Looking at a Mo map, I see about where you're going, and there's a decent Mahindra dealership with pretty good service department about 20 or so miles Eastand a bit north of Springfield. BTW, pretty countryside down there!)

GreenWannabe 09-07-2008 01:14 PM

When you are using a loader, most of the sources I've read recommend using wheel weights, loaded tires, and a significnt load on the 3-point, like a ballast box with concrete, all three, at the same time. This will help avoid loosing traction and control. Good luck in your search


desertsam 09-07-2008 04:05 PM

thanks for the info
well it looks like I had better get my rear down to a large dealership that has several models to test. I have a lot better idea what I need now. I grew up many yrs ago with 2 mules, an "A" JD and a 8N ford. Most resently I had the 2N so I guess I am old school. I got a lot to learn in retirement.:pat: Maybe 4wd is the thing for me.

Erik 09-07-2008 09:48 PM

Branson, Tym, Mahindra, and Kioti all make nice heavy machines with plenty of front axle strength for loader work, as do MF & Challenger.
Lots of guys have plenty of luck with Kubota, as well - and they do a couple of "low frills" models that aren't as pricey per HP as they're more popular models are known for.
don't think of it as a chore, think of it as research or a good excuse to get out of the house and test machines - and find one that's comfortable to sit in with easy to reach controls.

desertsam 09-20-2008 11:58 AM

Heres an update. I purchased a "07" 3525 with 16 hrs on it at auction from Aqricredit for 8750. No loader. I will do the loader later if I feel I need it. Right now this tractor should do all the bush hogging I want as well as box blade work. I will be heading east in about two weeks to pick up the tractor and try it out on our Missouri property then head back to AZ with the tractor for the winter. I think I will have a great winter. Thanks for everyones input, it all really helped.

desertsam 09-20-2008 12:59 PM

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thought I should include a picture of the new tractor. here she is.

GreenWannabe 09-21-2008 11:51 AM

Congrats on the new tractor! And thanks for the picture. Enjoy it, and be safe out there.


MidSouth 09-21-2008 01:40 PM

congrats nice tractor. I have a 3525 with loader and love it. It should do anything u need it to.

desertsam 10-11-2008 02:15 PM

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Made it!! Drove from AZ to Laural MS and picked up the new (16hrs on it ) Mahindra 3525 and hauled it to Mtn. Grove MO. Put a rotory cutter on it and mowed about 4 acres. It did a great job. What an improvement from the 2N I have been using for yrs. I still like the old Ford, but for working these new diesels beat them hands down.

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