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A 72" deck is more prone to scalping if your yard is not exactly level. 60" will get the job done and fit in most places easier, and store easier in your garage or pole barn.

I like buying used, and have done that when buying most items. I priced tractors for a couple years prior to buying. Used ones 2 or 3 years old were so close to the price of new that I went new and got zero percent interest, better financing terms all the way around.

Before I could afford a new tractor I bought 3 used mowers / small tractors. Each one had issues. Mower decks wear out and cause issues that are a pain the the butt. Still I considered a used sub compact but these tractors hold their value so well, and there are very few nice used ones on the market (at least when I was buying 15 years ago) that I went new and I'm glad I did. It all worked out for me.

The more you get out there and shop the more you will learn. Ask questions of each dealer, see how they respond and what you can learn from each. It will be a good experience overall. Good luck.
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