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Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new place!

Hmmm, with a budget of $10-15K, I'd suggest you get all 3 (tractor, ZTR and ATV).

You can get used with an approx budget of $8-9K for tractor, and about $3500 each for the ZTR and ATV.

I have all 3 and here are my findings.

- As mentioned, the loader on the tractor is almost a must have.
- Unless you have deep snow or drifts, the ATV with blade will be faster than the tractor for clearing snow.
- For mowing the lawn, the tractor is heavy and will cause damage to the lawn when it is wet. In the winter and spring, plan on leaving ruts wherever you drive on a soft surface.
- Attachments/implements on the tractor will make it very versatile, more than an ATV or ZTR.

- Probably your fastest/easiest way to mow the lawn. Unless you get one that accepts some implements like a snow blade (which is rare), it is dedicated to that sole purpose.

- In my opinion, it's the most versatile piece of equipment. I think of ATV standing for "Always Take Vehicle".
- With a blade on the front for snow removal, it's faster than the tractor by far until/unless you get into deep snow or drifts.
- A trailer in approx. a 4x8 size will make doing so many chores very easy.
- An ATV is light and fast compared to the tractor so you can use it for running around doing all kinds of chores in a quick and easy fashion.

At my current place, I've had the tractor and ATV's for over 20 years and the ZTR for about 13 years.
1. I found the tractor invaluable when I first bought the house but my land needed serious work including bringing in and handling over 400 tri-axle dump trucks of dirt and stone. After the lawn was established, the tractor doesn't get near the usage and is now relegated to doing loader work or if I need something from an implement out the back. In general, it doesn't get used nearly as often as the ZTR or ATV.
2. The ZTR has proven itself as the best/fastest option for me for mowing. It
3. The ATV gets used a lot.

I'd guess I use the tractor monthly, ZTR weekly and the ATV almost daily.
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