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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
I agree with all BCzoom posted.
If you decide to go used ..... I just happen to have an 06 honda 500 for sale. 700+ hours. 4k miles. I bought an 09 RTV 1140 which has two rows of seats and will transport more people to our river lot at the other end of our property, about 3/4 mile away. So, I'm selling this extra ATV. I also have a honda 450 ES ....have to keep the electric shift so the wife can drive it. She can't drive the foot shift.

Selling it for $2600. It has a winch. It was Yellow but previous owner did a home made camo job on it. I'll attach a few pics for you.

I'm about 1:50 from the east side of Cols. taking rt 33 to Athens, then take rt 50.
I knew you were down in there some place Doc, but I didn't realize you were on Rt. 50 also. We live on Rt. toward Chillicothe.

I agree with what the others are saying. Except be careful with buying used mower decks. My MMM looks OK, but it is getting to the point that I'm having to replace a bunch of parts on it (well the tractor for that matter too). My tractor is a 2003 with 21XX on it. I'm probably going to have to look at something new(er) in a year or so. I'm spending more time working on my NH than I am working with it any more. Now that being said, it has been a good tractor and I've done a ton of work. And that has been part of the issue, I've asked it to do things that bigger tractors should have been doing.
"What did you break now?"
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