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Originally Posted by bcraley View Post
Any idea on how many hours per year a tractor should have on it when buying used? How about an ATV?
For a tractor, for the most part, hours per year isn't really important so long as:
1. It's priced accordingly.
2. It's not nearing the end of its reliable life cycle which varies by brand but figure approximately 5000 hours for a top-tier (Deere, Kubota, New Holland).
3. It has been properly maintained.

Take a look at this thread to get a ballpark on tractor values. I came up with an algorithm that seems to work (for me at least).

For an ATV, I do something similar. Find the price of what you're looking at cost new at the time and depreciate it $1 per mile and $100 per year.

Not sure where you are in Ohio but I'm just over the border in PA. I have 3 ATV's I'm going to sell. One of them, a Suzuki LT-250F would meet your needs nicely but it needs a bit of work (it runs hot so it needs either the valves adjusted and/or a carb tune-up) and probably needs a new battery. It's a 1999 or 2000 but only has about 1000 miles on it.The other 2 I'm selling are for youth or teens.
My daily driver is a Honda of the same year Doc has but down one size (Rancher instead of what looks like a Rincon in Doc's pictures). Those are some very reliable machines. In over 10 years of ownership, it was at the dealer once, for a bad voltage regulator).
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