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Originally Posted by Billjr View Post
I still can't find any body that can tell me what gpm i gotta have so oil won't heat up but don't get under power the tractor it came off of 3316 mahindra said they have 4.7 gal pump but if i cant find one similar to put on pto at the gpm i need for the speed of 540 rpm then i'm afraid that my oil will heat up if i put a 7 or higher GPM pump on there i'm so confused about this and seems like no one can give me the answers i need to make all this work right. So if you guys can help or know someone i can call to find this out that would be great. and bye the way Thanks for all your help and i hate to ask for more but you guys know way more than me when it comes to tractors. thanks a bunch
That small of a difference in pump speed shouldn't make a dif, but to be on the safe side when you contact Mahindra they will have someone experienced in Hyds that can answer your question.

When you are using the hoe that is what will heat your oil up, not the pump. It seems the new hoes operate with up to 2060 to 2300 lbs psi.

If you ask around I'm sure you can find someone close to you that understands Hyds, It's not rocket science but what ever you do has to be done right the 1st time

p.s. what little I know about Hyds came from a one year trade school course 40 years ago and what I've picked up over the years since operating my own equipment. Best of luck☺
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