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Originally Posted by Billjr View Post
Thanks Lee1935 I gotta Question about hydraulic pumps for example if i have a pump that runs 1000rpm and puts out 9GPM, if i drop it down to 540RPM will it be around 4.5 GPM or am i looking at this wrong or how should it be , the mahindra puts out 4.7GPM so need a pump close to that but there pump is internal and dont run through the pto mine will, does it still need to be 4.7GPM at 450RPM or how do i figure this out???
You are asking questions that I would have known 40 years ago☺ but the answer is both yes and no. It depends on the pump type and my dim memory says that a vane pump you can adjust the out put by the speed. The gear pump is designed to work best one general speed

You do intend to buy a new pump? You will find the required RPM and all other specs at the dealers website

Either pump you have mentioned will work, neither pump will overheat your oil. Tank size should be at least the pumps output
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