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Bill, I had occasion to visit one of the oldest Kioti dealers in Washington State, I took your information with me and had a long chat with the boss and his chief trouble shooter, as I kinda suspected they both said your 18hp tractor would be grossly overloaded with the backhoe you have, which is made for 33-40 HP tractors.

They both agreed with me that if you lived in flat country and were careful when moving the tractor that it would work. You would have to have ballast in the bucket and keep the bucket low to the ground to keep the front wheels down.

The only way you could safely load it on a trailer would be to winch it on
when those front wheels go up it will stop when the backhoe hits the ground
however if you are on the slightest slop when the front end goes up more than likely it will end up on its side. If you have your seat belt snug and hang on tight you will have a story to tell your grandkids, if not you might not be able to tell them the story.

The dealers advice and I agree 100 percent is "stop what you thinking about doing" ☺☺

I know this is advice you didn't want to hear, but as the song goes "you got to know when to fold them"
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