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I heard back from Kubota dealer today but the problem is still unknown. It started out 4 weeks ago that the mechanics will be checking the hydraulic pressure and trouble shooting for a bad pump or PSV. Today they will be ordering new copper plates somewhere to the rear(because there grooved real bad) and charging another 7 hrs labor / $85 per hr. to see if this fix's the problem. The kit for this cost about $2800.00 plus labor. So here I am, one month after this all started and my Kubota is still in the shop and not real sure what the problem is. Each time the lady of the shop would call adding more hours and tell me the mechanics will need to charge another bunch of hours to check this and that or tell me they are waiting on the Kubota Rep to be calling them back so they are still waiting?? I finally got enough and request to speak with the service manager. I explain my frustration and feel there is some incompetence in your shop. It done some good because he dropped 4 hrs of charge and between the two of us we came up with a plan of action/repairs/trouble shoot....Using the help from this forum I was able to speak there language just enough to let them know I wont be ripped off!
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