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HST = Hydro stat

HST is the bee's knees!!!!!!! Does that help? I've owned tractors that were the old standard shift and have no problem with a clutch. However, HST takes the need for using the clutch out of the equation for the most part. You put it in Low, Medium or High then let out the clutch and go. From then on as long as you stay in the same gear, you can go forward, stop, reverse and never have to touch the clutch. I am in Medium most of the time, but if I come to a steep hill I will use the clutch to put in it Low, then climb the hill.

For loader work, it is so nice to be able to get your load, back up, go forward, back up etc etc and never have to touch the clutch.

I think shuttle shift lets you shift from one gear to another while you are moving as opposed to having to come to a complete stop before shifting. I've never driven a shuttle shift so anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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