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Welcome, J. Walton. I too am new to the site (just found the site). You've got some time to do research on the Mahindra's HST. Try to find out if there are any issues with it. HST is without a doubt great for loader work; however, if the hydro unit goes.... I hear it is almost the cost of a tractor to replace it. Some makes/models, HST is the only option. I won't be able to comment on the shuttle shift transmission until later this month when I take possession of my Farmall 55A. It's a geared transmission, but the shift between fwd and rev is as simple as pushing the clutch in and flipping the lever between F and R.

I sure don't have expertise in the internal workings of the HST, but in my amateur opinion, I think HST has the potentional to get overworked if a person, say, tries to do too much - in high gear. Having said that, I used my Kubota BX2230, with HST, like it was a draft horse and it never gave me an ounce of trouble!
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