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Default My 'toys' made me sore.

Some of ya'll might remember last Feb. I found some 'new-to-me' toys.
I've spent who-knows-how-many hours working on all of it getting it ready to use. FINALLY---the rain that started last July & kept on coming, getting the ground saturated, let up. And the ground finally dried up enough for the hay to dry. I cut all the hay the weekend of Dec. 17, & have been the last 5 days raking & baling (between work & other distractions). Got the last bale finished just as the sun sank behind the trees today.

AND, I did NOT have to wait on ANYBODY to come do it for me!!
Yea, my back hurts & I'm sore in other places, but it's the 'good' kind of sore.

Now, to get it all sold...
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