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Originally Posted by California View Post
Check the Thermostart? Pull the air cleaner and look down the intake - but don't get too close. The element will heat like a car's cigarette lighter, then dribble a little fuel, then ignite at about the 15 second point. There are photos of this on hoyetractor's site. (My photos!). Don't put a torch into the intake. A hair dryer works fine.

If it won't start readily then quality of fuel, or low compression, are the suspects. Possibly valve lash too tight if someone messed with that.

I needed a starter after I bought my YM240 in 2003. There are many starters for Yanmar and Deere that match the physical dimensions. I bought one intended for a 40 hp excavator or something. It cranks the YM240 frantically, I think it would start any small Yanmar no matter how low the compression is. As I recall it is rated 2 amp-hour vs the 1.2 or 1.4 that was OEM. That might be a solution for you if compression is indeed low. Under $100 from Ebay. I assume you have cleaned battery terminals etc.

The glow is good, as I mentioned it's brand new. Battery terminals replaced, battery charged but does seem to lack some cranking power. Good tip on the starter. You wouldn't happen to have links to the specs of the started you got in case I need one? I hear the OEM's are ungodly expensive.

The dribble takes place after about 10 seconds but only a drop which tries to light but then dribble stops. I can hear it gurgle, I see no obstructions and took the line off to the reservoir and checked it. Runs out the line just fine disconnected.
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