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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Hey there Murph. Great to see you post again. We missed you man.
And no surprise, you sure came back with a doozie. I've never heard of anything like this.
How have you been? Still riding when weather permits?
Sadly we've lost Cowboy, Big Al and Muleman over the past few years. But the rest of us are still chugin along.
Thank you Doc for your nice reply. The bike is parked for the most part. Health has not allowed me to ride. I am embarrassed as hell but maybe this summer I will hit it. I did set my bike up on the trainer and hopefully I can start a bit now and then. But it is dam boring when you pedal and the scenery never goes any place.

Cowboy's wife did write me and tell me about Bob. Someone wrote me and told me about Muleman and Big Al. Some big posters you lost there. Great guys, all way to young to go.
It's been really a long day and I don't feel like I did anything
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