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Well I ordered the new head last week and got it installed on Saturday. Give it new head gasket and all other gaskets. New oil and filter new antifreeze. Everything went smooth. Bled the fuel lines of air and she fired right up. No smoke or steam from exaust, no pressure from the radiator. All good signs. Took the oil fill cap off and have pretty good puffing or blow by. Let it set and idle for 10 to 15 minutes temperature gauge came up to about dead center and stayed. Loaded the wife up and headed to the neighbors kept it in mid range gear and about 3/4 throttle about a half mile drive. Temp came up a little but nothing to worry about. The fan kicked on and it cooled down to middle of the guage in about a minute fan stopped. Everything seemed normal and was happy. Left the neighbors to head home all flat road no hills. I went ahead and put it in high range and still only half to 3/4 throttle about 15 to 18 mph. As I turned in the driveway the temp started rising to about 1/4 from Red. Got to the house I stopped and let it idle and fan run to help cool it was steaming coolant from the overflow jug until it cooled down. Shut it off for a couple hours and went back out checked oil looked good, coolant a little low to be expected. Fired it back up and still no pressure from the radiator exaust looks good. Still has blow by but never ran it long enough to warm up again. So now what is next I guess. Cylinders looked good when I had the head off. Where could the blow by be coming from and what do it need to do next, I have to be able to drive it further than a half of a mile or 5 minutes before it gets hot. Any more suggestions.
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