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Plastic windshields can be expensive if / when you screw it up by improper cleaning.

FIrst... NEVER USE ANYTHING WITH AMMONIA such as most versions of Windex!
Ammonia will quickly ruin plastic (I suspect that is one reason so many automobile headlight lenses are ruined at the carwash....they often use Windex.)

Secondly.... NEVER use a circular motion when cleaning plastic windshields. ONLY use a VERTICAL motion...(not horizontal). Circular or horizontal motions will do the same thing....make tiny scratches that cause GLARE at night. (Think of how polarized sunglasses work.). Vertical motions will not cause scratches noticeable to the human eye at night.

Also, be certain to use plain water and your hand to remove hard bug residues, etc.... THEN use a good quality plastic cleaner.

Meguires is fine, and it comes in different levels of polish/cleaner depending upon how damaged(scratched) your plastic is...but remember the vertical motions thing.

Another fairly inexpensive product (that can be found on Amazon) is NOVUS plastic cleaner. It comes in half-gallon jugs and I use it on my RTV and my airplane windshields with a trigger-spray-bottle from WalMart.
Hope that helps.
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