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bczoom is just really nicebczoom is just really nicebczoom is just really nicebczoom is just really nice

Great video!! Thanks.

After watching it, a couple questions and thoughts.
First, it looks a bit fast for my pace. Mine doesn't split that fast and wonder what the throughput difference is quite a bit different. I do run my engine at slightly over idle and it still keeps me at a good pace.
When not splitting and no logs sitting in the cradle, the DR sounded pretty loud in the cradle area and a lot of rattling. Is that true?
The gas tank sits up pretty high. I'm thinking fill with a 1-gallon can would be required. I'm too old (and short) to be lifting a 5-gallon can up that high.

When you're done splitting, are you throwing your chunks back on the RTV? Ergonomically, I'd probably be splitting right next to my wood pile. Split and on the stack they go. Alternatively if you're not next to your woodpile, put a trailer or 2 into play. Pull the logs off the RTV but once split, have the chunks be put in trailers. One off the end of the cradle (where they seem to fall) and another opposite the splitter from you (where the cameraman's side). I see what appears to be the bed of another vehicle on the right side of the video. How's that vehicle being used?

Thanks for the video!
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