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Originally Posted by California View Post
Not one word about the AMERICAN EMPLOYERS who draw them here? You are looking at consequences when you should be looking for causes.

If you don't forward this rant you are part of the problem??? This is pure election year grandstanding when it misses the mark that far. You left out the part about who is going to save us from this menace. Or is it intended to just describe your hopelessness, and end there? You want everyone to feel as powerless as you?

Its not an attempt to describe the problem and start on a solution. The solution is to turn off the attractiveness of JOBS in the US, and you have to get the employers under control to do that. Show me a politician with that in his platform.
Wow. Sorry I even posted. It was in an email and I thought it was interesting.

I'll go stick my head in the sand...... I really don't know who is going to save us. Once again...sorry I ruffeled your feathers....I promise I won't do it again!
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