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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
BC that lumber does look like it would be worth some cash. Very nice wood.
You would think so but they don't want it.

Loggers want selective trees that have been carefully felled. Basically, they'll bring it down in a fashion where it hits the ground flat. That assures that the log maintains its integrity from the bark to the core.

These trees are from a gas line ROW which is a clear-cutting operation. The small ones are cut by hand and the larger ones cut with an excavator tree shear like what's pictured below. When they're cutting, it's a no holds barred, full speed operation. Logs are dropped, thrown... which breaks the internals of the log. Might look good on the outside but they're full of cracks on the inside and no good for logging.

I have probably 10-20 piles at least the size of the one I pictured above. I processed 2-3 of them last summer which gives me close to 4 years worth of firewood. I'm slowing down a little since I don't want to get to far ahead. They'll last longer in logs that are piled high and stay off the ground. I also ran out of woodsheds/space down near the house.

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