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Originally Posted by bczoom View Post
Hey Jim - When you put the rock on originally, did you seal the rock first? Last time we put in granite tiles, we were told to seal both sides of the granite first. Well, the adhesive doesn't stick to the sealant so the tiles popped right off. Wondering if you had the same issue. In general, don't seal a rock surface on the side that will receive the adhesive.
No, didnít seal anything. I covered the frame with backer board and applied the adhesive to the Air Stone and stuck it onto the backer board. It held for a couple of years before the Air Stone started to fall off. The adhesive stuck pretty well to the backer board but didnít stick worth a damn on the Air Stone.

In an effort to save the project I reattached the belligerent Air Stones with Liquid Nails and I had pretty good luck with that. But then more and more of the other Air Stones started coming off and I simply had enough of the whole affair and pulled them all off.

BTW, the Air Stones that I had reattached with Liquid Nails were holding well and were a little more difficult to remove. In short, the junk that Air Stone suggested we use was just thatÖ junk.
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