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Default Got tractor to play with - Mitsubishi D1650 with loader - got some questions

I have zero experience with tractors =) Got one to move rocks around, some minor work like moving around mulch and hopefully being able to move not too heavy pallets for stuff we ship from the house (with forks mounted on the bucket)

I have few questions about it and hoped someone could help me to understand it better =)

First - general question - what I should do first to make sure it will not get destroyed prematurely? I do not know exact year of the machine, but it got diesel 4 cylinder motor.

FEL seems to be aftermarket or custom. Bucket is quite rusted and cutting edge has "smile" - i planed to try to straighten it out using bottle jack technique I found somewhere on the forum. But this will not fix rusted pinholes. Should I plan to reweld bucket, or it is easier to buy bucket instead? I could not find anything that looks like would mount on this loader...

On hydralics control block (not sure what it is called correctly) there are couple holes on the bottom and i see some amount of oil getting out of it. I wander if this is normal and perhaps I am overloading it, or perhaps something is wearing out?

There is also some regulator with japanese text on it. My phone could not pick it up for translation. Perhaps someone knows what this regulator know is for?

Would it be possible to add another attachment, like grapple (which would require separate hydraulic switch I guess) to this?

Should I bother about these lines? Or just wait till they break and buy replacement? And where I can get such replacements?

How long such tire might last and what is the best source to get new tires? It is 8.3 - 22 one. Also, where I can such tire ti be installed? Is it DIY job or I has to unbolt it and take to tire shop? Any tire shop?

Any other advice to first-time tractor, and specifically D1650, user? =)
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