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When I got my TC29D 16 years ago the battery that came with it failed the first year. Blew acid all over the radiator and rusted the radiator out. The white crud came and was sucked into the radiator all at once. My dealer gave me one of the new Gell batteries and worked flawlessly till last summer. I was not happy though becaus it was physically larger than the original and blocked off the air going to through the radiator and on hot days the motor would over heat.

Early last summer it failed and I too decided the less expensive was the way to go. Worked great all summer and last winter and no overheats. Two weeks ago that less expensive battery no longer holds a charge. Less than a year. Even if I put on the charger I canít get it charged. Hoping the dealer will replace.

In my case the more expensive was the least expensive if I have to buy these.
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