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I agree that we (the U.S.) has a problem with illegal immigrants ...and the vast majority of them are from south of our border.
However the whole situation reminds me of kids in an candy store where the owner sticks his head out every half hour and says don't steal my candy. But the owners kids are out on the street giving little bits of candy to the kids.enticing them inside.
Our cities welcome the illegals. They advertise that they'll give them health care, welfare, education. Heck they'll even teach the kids in their native languages. We have never gotten serious about border patrol and so thousands cross that border every year. They go where the 'free candy' is. And who can blame them?
I agree we have a huge problem, but our governments (city, state and federal) are all sending mixed messages. They will not come down on the illegals. We live in a country where the illegals staged a public protest and not one of them was arrested. So frustrating.
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