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Originally Posted by PaulChristenson View Post
H1Bs are just fancy illegals...and those jobs are much more expensive to lose than gardeners and clothing assemblers...
As a former H1-B, L1-B, and TN Visa holder and now a Permanent Resident I think you are being unfair to lump LEGAL immigrants in with illegals.

H1-B immigrants still have to prove that they are qualified and in most cases are supposed to be getting paid the market wage. I was actually paid well above market wages when I was on my H1-B.

If you don't like LEGAL immigrants then get the rules changes. The H1-B immigrants aren't usually the ones breaking any laws. If anything the employers that may be paying the H1-B immigrants below market wages are the ones breaking the laws.

If you compare the numbers between LEGAL immigrants (specifically H1-B) and ILLEGAL immigrants then there is no comparison. There are only something like 65,000-165,000 H1-B Visas available each year. A large portion of those don't stay past the 4-6 years period.

If anything the H1-B immigrant is the type of immigrant you want to encourage to stay. They are educated, motivated, pay taxes, employed, and usually come here because they like the US and want to live here.
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