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Originally Posted by California View Post
More known deaths already. 150 missing, nearly all are just the chaos and will reappear but it looks like some may have been in a nursing home that burned - relocating those would have been documented.

Would you like to tell Daughter she can stay here? I'm a couple of miles SW of Sebastopol, won't be back for a few days. She might end up hosting displaced locals, my daughter is considering arranging that. Air B&B has free disaster relocation listings, I'm told.
Chris you don’t know how bad I wished I could have called you. Was going to post here but thought you wouldn’t be around for a while. I did think of you not knowing where you lived but you would have known the Area way better than me. I was lost and so were they.

And I thank you for your offer! I sure would have taken you up on it. They arrived back in Minneapolis just a few hours ago.
It's been really a long day and I don't feel like I did anything
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