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Hey BigRol, welcome to Net Tractor Talk.
I wish I could tell you which would fit you perfect but that's a tough task. I bought mine in 02 and have spent hundreds of hours on her. When I bought some older more experienced guys told me to sit in as many seats as I can. To give em a workout as much as possible doing tasks similar to what I planned to use the tractor for.
Dealers will let you maneuver it around the lot and that helps but they don't like you digging, at least mine didn't have a spot for that. Still, the advice was perfect. I sat in a few that I was considering. Loved JD and that is what I wanted but that dealer priced himself right out of the ball park. So I bought Kubota and I'm glad I did. It has been the perfect tractor for me.
I'm not as big (5' 11 240) and I have no problems with any of the Kubotas that I sat in. I ended up using the ole budget stretcher and bought the 30hp unit. It has served me well. Just wish I had the backhoe with it.
Long winded way of saying you will be spending lots of hours in that seat. You want to be comfortable. If you find one that fits you and your are comfortable with the price and the tractor overall and the dealer go for it. But if you are unsure it is sure worth the time to drive to those other dealers to see what they have to offer. They might reenforce your decision on the first one or not. Either way you win as you know you got the best tractor for you.
Not the answer you wanted but I hope it helps.
Also I should note I have not shopped tractors since I bought mine, so I can't comment on the roomiest with or without a cab. sorry
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