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Originally Posted by workinallthetime View Post
you the man doug and dont let any over all wearing yuppie tractor sellin man ever tell ya different !!!! Im in the car business but the one thing i hate is sales people. Seems like anyone who sells large ticket items is so full of bull butter that unless you know more about what your buying than the guy sellin it, you better role up your pant leggs cause its about to get deep. I had a customer today that some salesperson told them the truck they bought would get 18 mpg, it was a 6.2, crew cab, long bed, 4x4 with offroad option tires. things lucky to get 12 -15 but 18 only on a trailer. ugg sales people
If I told you what I was getting while snowplowing, you'd really feel sorry for me. Gotta get me a diesel truck someday soon!!!
Originally Posted by workinallthetime View Post
One day doug i will be back at my little business, but until then I will aquire my implements and tools as I go. I have had 3 offers with my current job to go to work in the dirt business and I tell each one makes me really think. To play in the dirt all day, get paid, and not have to pay for the equipment. what a dream
Well Dan, we all gotta do what we gotta do. But on that whole QA thing... I suggest you figure out what FEL attachments you'll ultimately want to have... then add up the prices and see if skid steer universal QA makes economic sense or not. It is not a simple decision if you are already into another system. But I suspect that someday you're gonna want to add a grapple, HD bucket and maybe a lot more. Make your decision based on the economics as best you can figure them out and go for the gusto!

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