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Default TC29D, Block Heater, Garage Door

A week or so ago I ad to park my TC29D outside. I grabbed a couple of cords so I could plug my block heater in. Plugged one end into the wall outlet in the garage and went out to the tractor and plugged the heater in. My garage door started going down. Quick thinking I ran into the garage or I would have locked myself out of the house. I looked around to see if anyone was playing any tricks on me. No one was home. I tried to duplicate the incident but no luck. I tried unplugging at the wall and back in with no luck to get the garage door to move. A few days later a storm was coming so I went out and plugged it in again and sure enough the garage door started going down.

I can only make it work if I have the door up, and plug the heater end in hot.

So today my wife was at Mendards and I told her to pick me up a new single heavier duty cord. The new cord is worse. Now no matter what end I plug in last or what position the door is it will either open or close the door and not right away but like three minutes later.

Has anyone else ran into this??

Oh and yes, Hi to all. Kind of missed you all as it has been a while since I have been here.
It's been really a long day and I don't feel like I did anything
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