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Originally Posted by bczoom View Post
May I also suggest you stash a key outside or install a lockbox with a key so you can get in if there's electrical issues. Mrs. Zoom never carried a house key so whenever there was a power outage, she had to wait for me to get home as I always carry a key. We then put a lock-box outside so the kids could get in after school if there was an issue.

Well this morning I went out to the garage to leave for work. Garage door is open. Tractor is not plugged in so something else caused it. And it was not open for long because the garage was fairly warm yet. The only thing I can think of was my wife was starting and stoping the dryer about 20 minutes before I left.

So tonight I tried to get it to happen again and could not. :sad tried the original outlet, a new one that is not on the same circuit and the dryer. Could not get it to work. So I am at a loss. Will call the door opener company and tractor dealer tomorrow.

Brian, as for the key. We have one outside and one at the neighbors. However when my kids use it there is times they don't put it back.
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