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Default Attaching pictures

Photo bucket images gone so see two posts down for the info.

Originally Posted by doc
Since Mith's photo bucket images are gone, I submit the following to help folks learn how to post images / attachments / pics. Please see the posts below for images which might further help if you are still stuck.

How to post a picture / image / attachment (word doc, spreadsheet, pdf file etc.)

1st, you have to go the the 'advanced' window to add an attachment / image. So if you are using the quick reply box under a thread that will not work. Click the "Go Advanced" button under the quick reply box, or if you are starting a new thread, you automatically go to the 'advanced' input option.

Once there you enter your text then look below the submit button. there you'll find a few options, one of them being a manage attachments box. Click on that and a pop up box will appear which you use to attach your images. Simply click the browse button in the pop up box and go to where you have the image stored on your machine. Once you have browsed and added all the images you want click the upload button (beside the bottom browse button). Then wait while the images are copied from your machine to the NTT server. Once they are copied you'll see them listed in the little current attachments section of the pop up box. Once you see all the images you wanted there you can close the pop up box, it's job is done. Then you can click submit and the image(s) will appear with your post.
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