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Putting tracks on a tractor is not hard. I had a problem with hawthorns. I was mowing a large acreage and those things go through tires with ease. Wound up making tracks for it and no more issues.

What I did was take 8in channel, cut it a bit wider than the tire, an inch or so, lie them tight together and weld chain to them. Used 3links per each joint. Welding one piece to the other with a link between let them fold around the tire. Used ready bolt at the ends to tie the ends. Used 3inch about 6inches long on the sides to keep them on.

To put them on, I backed up on one, tied a rope through the spokes of the wheel, and then backed up until it was wrapped. I put a block of wood under the second cleat at the end. Let some air out of the tire, bolted the ends together and reinflated.

Did this for all four tires. The difference on soft ground was amazing. No more flats. I was able to finish mowing with impunity. Saved me a bundle in labor. Was going to have to cut them down and put through a chipper. The mower did the job.
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