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Started to PM you California,
It looks like the diesel is coming from the area on the bottom of the tank where the plastic was sealed during the manufacturing process of the tank. My suspicion is that after sitting for a year or two dry, the vibration from running up caused this separation. That said, I will check over it again before I order anything. It does not look like there is to much to do with the seals in the rear wheels, but it will take some time as things you have not done before do. From the info Winston sent me, I'll have to remove the rear wheels anyway to replace the seals, so it would be good to replace the brakes I suspect that the pads, at the very least on the right side, are likely coated with oil. However, the operation of the pedals is free and that part seems good. One must push the pedals down past the floor board to get any type of engagement. This is a bit awkward. Gears all seem to work well, but with the loss of so much hydraulic fluid, I'm leary of attaching an implement. While I am at it, I might as well replace the PTO seal as it too seems to be allowing fluid to leak past. I'm sure there will be more as I make my way through this thing. At least it is running with the assist of a little starting fluid.
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