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Default John Deere 5303 Noisy PTO Clutch

I Have read quite a bit on this site and often found advice very handy. Now I got a problem so I decided to join and hope you guys can help.
I bought a John Deere 5303 FWA 2008 model tractor. Got 2600 hours on and I really enjoy the tractor, especialy the FEL . But my clutch started making this terrible dry screeching noise, so I put a new clutch in. The old clutch was actually not bad. Anyway replaced bearings as well as had the flywheel machined, which was not really necessary. To my disapointment it made the same noise. Everything works perfect, normal clutch PTO engage and disengage, but when you press the clutch pedal about halfway down you hear that noise. As soon as the clutch pedal is all the way down it stops. When you drive say 2 nd gear and depress clutch pedal to change gears you hear that noise, As soon as pedal release no noise. We sure the noise is coming from the PTO part of the clutch as you can feel friction on te PTO shaft if you hold it in your hand (beiing disengaged off cause)and depress thr clutch, Then it stops when the clutch bottoms out/ Have changed rear transmission oil so sure the oil is good. There must be some adjustment on the clutch for the PTO shaft. I have disengaged the PTO lever that engages the PTO clutch totally and it still makes that
noise. Hope you guys can help me with this,
Western Australia
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