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Default running some 4" drain pipe but ....hit a rock.

I rented a ditch witch for last Saturday and dug a trench for burying 70' of 4" drain pipe. But I hit a rock about two inches down in the middle of my trenching.

So, I moved over 3.5 to 4' and tried again. Hit the rock again. Arrrrgggg. Now I'm looking for ideas on how to run the drain pipe anyway.

Possible solutions I have checked on: a jack hammer. A bit much for me to handle I'm afraid ...and it would cost me a couple hundred. So, if paying out that much I prefer to rent a small track hoe with a jack hammer implement on it to pulverize the rock. That will cost 300 to 400, depending on a few variables.

Anyone have a better way to take care of this pesky rock?
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