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The 1100 is 11pto horsepower. It would need a small mower and I don't know if you are wanting to finish mow or pasture mow with a rotary cutting. There was a gentleman on another forum with a YM135 (similiar size to the 1100) looking for a 3' rotary mower. Lot to be considered. How fast do you have to mow it? How often? How tall and thick?

Hoye shows a pretty good stocking of parts for that model.

My little bit of research shows some have put a loader on the 1100 and yours being 4 wheel drive is a big plus. I read of a 36" bucket so you would have to know digging ponds might be a slow process. These folks sell an inexpensive loader.

My final thought is if he is giving it to you how can you go wrong??
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