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My uncle had a lawn care / pest controls business here in memphis, and has afew pices of land that he hunts, and he has had/ has several tractors. His newest is a Mahindra, 4x4, loader, but I am not sure what model, it is not considered a compact. The back tires are around 5.5' tall. He has a new holland, and has had afewer older brands. He said the Mahindra has been the most user friendly, powerful for size, and no issues. I am not sure how many hours he has on it but I think it is 3+ years and been used lots.

I was going to get the 3016 but after pricing the 2616 I get a little more tractor for around $3,000 more. Like I said, I put $8,000 down and get a $156 monthly payment I will be good to go. I will be using it to manage the yard / woods.
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