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I'm not a big guy but on the Kioti's, I've found both the CK and DK series had plenty of area for the operator. My father who's 76 years old has a cabbed version and even with all his ailments, he still gets in and out OK.

A couple things I have seen bigger guys struggle with in general.
- The operators area between the legs should be clear so legs can pass through (e.g. no gear shifter between the legs). It's too difficult to swing leg between or over with an obstruction.
- Watch the location of the loader controls. If they're out in front you're good to go but if it's next to the seat (your right leg), you may find your leg hitting it which then dumps the bucket.

You didn't mention Deere. My neighbor who's almost your size recently picked up a 1025 model and really likes it. Has never mentioned a dislike for the operator area.
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