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OK, I've fallen way behind on keeping this thread updated. Been too busy working on the room to tell about the room.

We are getting real close to finishing. At this point it is functional. The electrical is all done. Plumbing is finished other than a hot water outlet for a water hose to bath animals.

Most of these pictures are pretty self explanatory except for maybe why we only painted so far down the walls. We are going to put metal to about 3' up the wall to make spills and splashes easier to clean-up. We still need to coat the floor with something. They covered the basement floor (high rise 12 story building) at work with some type of epoxy that seemed like it leveled and smoothed the floor out. So I want to do something similar. Then I'll do the rubber commercial baseboard and then finally the metal.

As you can see we have the milk machine in there and we are now able to start using it. We are milking 10 or 11 goats (I don't know, it changes daily) right now, so this is saving a lot of my wife's and daughter's hands.

The water heater is a RHEEM RTE9 - 9000 watt electric unit. It is a 220volt 40/amp unit. Rated at 3 GPM - uh yeah, no. It is working OK for how we want to use it. If we keep the flow at the faucet turned down the water will get hot. Yesterday we bathed a goat so I took the aerator off and hooked a water hose up. The water was warm. It kept the goat from getting cold, but it wasn't hot. Which is OK, we don't need it hot, just not ice cold for them.

Don't know if I attached a picture, but a 220 volt 20 Amp outlet is wired in for a window/wall AC Unit Unit. It is also a heat pump with electric heat strips as a back-up. That will be the heating and cooling for this room. I know the AC side will be OK, a little worried about the heating side. But we aren't looking at keeping this room 75 degrees either. Closer to 50 - 60 to give us a place to get warm or take a new born baby to warm up and keep stuff from freezing. I think it'll do that.

Oh, forgot to mention the lights. These are enclosed shop lights. They are 5200 Lumen, I think 4000k LED lights. There are two of them, now that the room is white it is plenty bright. There will still be a ceiling fan installed yet with an LED light as well, so the room should be plenty bright enough for normal chores as well as doing AI of the goats.
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